Flooring FAQs

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  • 1. How is the flooring made?

    flooring2A bamboo poles is cut into strips, shaped into a rectangular section, then either boiled in a Hydrogen peroxide bath to bleach or cooked in an autoclave to caramelize the sugar in the fiber to produce the brown “coffee” colour.
    For the laminated flooring or bench top/ply sheets, the strips are dried and sorted into respective colours, then they are glued and assembled in a tray that is fed into a heat curing press. Multiple layers of the laminations are glued together to achieve the desired thickness.
    For our Moso (strand woven) boards, the individual strips are shattered by running through a crushing machine. Once shattered the strips are tied together in a large bundle and dipped into a huge glue pot, drained the placed into moulds that are fed into large presses to form billets that bare ultimately sawn into boards for processing into flooring planks.
  • 2. How hard is it?

    Laminated boards are a mid range hardwood than can be dented by stiletto heels. Moso is an exceptionally hard board that resists indentation.
  • 3. What sizes are available?

    1. Laminated standard plank sizes range from 960x96x15mm to 1920x162x15mm.
    2. Moso tongue and groove boards are usually 1850x96x15mm or 1850 x 126 x 15mm
    3. Moso click style are 1850x125x14mm
  • 4. Is it pre coated?

    All of our flooring is pre coated mostly with a matt/satin finish however semi gloss is available on request.
  • 5. How is it transported and delivered?

    Orders can be collected from our farm or palletized and shipped to a requested destination.
  • 6. Is it guaranteed?

    We offer a 10 year replacement guarantee should there be a structural failure. A guarantee information sheet is available on request.
  • 7. Where can I buy?

    All products are sold from our Belli Park location
  • 8. Are bulk discounts available?

    Yes! Call for a quotation.