Clumping Species: Bambusa diaoluoshanensis

Common Name: Diaolo bamboo

Maximum Height: 10m

Culm Diameter: 50mm

Minimum Temperature: – 4°C

Origin:  China


Pot Sizes & Prices

Pot Price
6L $55
25L $110


Has tender shoots, the walls are thick and the lower nodes have rings of stiff pale brown hairs and white powder below sheath scar.


Uses for this bamboo species Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening – Hedging Full Sun
Erosion Control – Landslip Control Partial Sun
Dust Suppression – Dust Capture Partial Shade
Ornamental Hot Environments
Poles Cold Environments
Shading – Live Fence Cities
Carbon Sequestration Suburban Areas
Stock Feed Rural Areas