Running Species: Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis

Common Name: Shweeash bamboo

Maximum Height: 6m

Culm Diameter: 40mm

Minimum Temperature: – 12°C

Origin: China


Pot Sizes & Prices:

Pot Price
6L $66
25L $110
45L $132


A very attractive dark green sulcus set off by bright yellow clums.  Its shoots come up in early spring and are often pink in color. Its happy growing densely and popular for screens and hedges.


Uses for this bamboo species Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Erosion Control Full Sun
Landslip Control Full Shade
Dust Suppression Partial Sun
Dust Capture Partial Shade
Ornamental Indoors
Poles Hot Environments
Stakes Cold Environments
Shading Cities
Carbon Sequestration Suburban Areas – Rural Areas
Stock Feed Swamps