Running Species: Semiarundinaria yashadake f. kimmei

Common Name: Narihara bamboo

Maximum Height: 3m

Culm Diameter: 10mm

Minimum Temperature: – 5°C

Origin: Japan

Post Sizes & Prices

Pot Price
6L $33
25L $55


It has golden, glossy canes with a green stripe above the branch bud contrasting with dark green leaves. In cold winters young canes will turn a stunning red if exposed to bright sunshine. Its fabulous multi-coloured canes also make it a striking and beautiful feature plant.


Uses for this bamboo species Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening Full Sun
Hedging Full Shade
Erosion Control – Landslip Control Partial Sun
Dust Suppression – Dust Capture Partial Shade
Ornamental Indoors
Stakes Hot Environments
Shading Cold Environments
Live Fence Cities
Carbon Sequestration Suburban Areas
Stock Feed Rural Areas