Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Australia’s fencing is an outstanding premium quality aged ROUND bamboo pole that have been cured and bleached then internally wired at 300mm spacing. This provides semi rigid rolls that are simply unrolled to attach over an existing fence or a frame.

Where a frame is present simply place a 25mm washer on a tech screw and screw to the rail/frame.

Bamboo fencing is now accepted as one of the world’s finest fencing products that are easily installed in most domestic and commercial applications, either interior or exterior.

Bamboo Fencing is now available in the sizes listed in the table below. Pole diameters are either 20-24mm or 30-35mm. They are clean cut at the top node to prevent water pooling.

The rigid frame style fence panels are bordered with split poles that support the internal panel.


The fences are supplied with a clear coating, however  to extend the life of a fence when used outdoors it’s vital to use a UV Clear Coat containing a fungicide & insecticide. Apply a coat before erection, then re-coat annually. This preservation method will extend the life of the fence. 

Bamboo Fencing – Roll Out and Rigid

Code Height (mm) Length (mm) Pole diameter Weight (KG) Roll Diameter RRP $
BF20-600 600 1200 20-22 mm 5   $27.50
BF20-900 900 2400 20-22 mm 15 30 Cm $72.00
BF20-1500 1500 2400 20-22 mm 21 30 Cm $132.00
BF20N-1800 1800 1200 20-22 mm     $99.00
BF20-2000 2000 2400 20-22 mm 29 30 Cm $165.00
BF20N-2400 2400 1200 20-22mm     $121.00
BF20-2400 2400 2400 20-22 mm 30 30 Cm $195.00
BF30-900 900 1800 30-35 mm 16 30 Cm $90.00
BF30-1200 1200 1800 30-35 mm 21 30 Cm $132.00
BF30-1800 1800 1800 30-35 mm 34 30 Cm $195.00
BF30-2000 2000 1200 30-35mm 20 30cm $132.00
BF30N-2100 2100 1200 30-35 mm     $110.00
BF30C-1800 1800 2400 30-35mm 38 40cm $215.00
BF30N-1800 1800 2400 30-35mm 38 40cm $195.00


Bamboo Screening (Rigid panel)

Rigid panels are ideal for courtyards, gardens, restaurants and other applications where a solid screen is required.

Panels can be made to order. Please contact for a quote on any required size.


Bamboo Slats & Palings For Fencing

Prices Include GST
Slabs of bamboo cut to length from mature round poles. Available in natural or bleached.
Bamboo slabs


  Natural-Green   Natural Dried-Black-Mottled
Width (mm) Price $inc GST (Per Lineal Metre) Width (mm) Price $inc GST (Per Lineal Metre)
25 mm $2.90 25 mm $2.20
30 mm $3.70 30 mm $2.75
35 mm $4.30 30 mm $3.30
40 mm $5.80 40 mm $4.40
50 mm $6.90 50 mm $5.30
75 mm $8.60 75 mm $6.60

To prolong the life of bamboo fencing we highly recommend coating with a UV Clear Coat containing insecticide and fungicide.


  • Our policy is to avoid the use of toxic chemicals on the farm. Mostly the timber we supply are untreated and non toxic.
  • They are suitable for most sensitive environmental applications.
  • Unfortunately this may result in seasonal insect or fungal attack unless treated.
  • To protect your purchase we suggest that you treat the timber in a manner suitable for the intended use.

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