Bamboo Consultancy Services

Durnford Dart has been offering his expertise as a specialist bamboo consultant to individuals, organisations and governments for the past fifteen years. During this time he has personally visited proposed sites for the establishment of commercial plantations in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Kenya, Samoa and Fiji as well as most states within Australia.

The purpose of a visit is usually conducted to determine the financial viability of a bamboo project then generate a proposal to assist in raising funds to establish a productive plantation.

If contemplating the utilisation of bamboo as an alternative material or product to produce edible shoots, timber poles, paper pulp, carbon sequestration, mulch, environmental enhancement (hedging/screen) or landscaping please call us to see if we can assist in determining the viability of a desired objective.

Some examples are detailed herewith.


ConsultancyObjective: Establish Bamboo as a resource for groups of villages.

The task will include, but not be limited to;

1. Conduct onsite survey of the planned plantation/grove.
2. Design planting regime.
3. Recommend species.
4. Audit local species.
5. Source planting material.
6. Cost plant species and transport.
7. Determine hot/shade house requirements.
8. Design water reticulation system.
9. Formulate protocols for plant maintenance.
10. Develop a project and implementation plan.
11. Assist wherever needed.



Objective: Quantify the volume and weight of Arundinaria alpina in the Aberdare ranges.

– Assess biomass productivity
– Zone Bamboo into different sizes
– Recommend different methods of propagation/planting
– Assess methods of harvesting
– Assess fertilizer need/application
– Determine methods of pole compaction for transport.



South Africa

ConsultancyObjective: Conduct a survey to determine the viability of growing bamboo on gold mine tailing

1. Conduct an audit of existing bamboo species in the region.
2. Determine the suitability of bamboo for the selected land.
3. Specification of species suitable to the selected sites.
4. Establish the design of planting regimes relative to the topography.
5. Design water reticulation systems applicable to species requirements.
6. Conduct training workshops to educate selected personnel in all facets of bamboo agronomy.
7. Assist in budgeting.
8. Supervise land preparation and if required conduct a workshop.
9. Source a reliable supply of suitable species of planting material for each location.
10. Supervise the planting of root stock.
11. Establish propagation facilities.
12. Train selected personnel in the art of propagation and plant maintenance.
13. Liaise with International bamboo specialists if required.

Please feel free to call and discuss any project, (planned or existing) where our bamboo expertise may be of use.

We are here to assist the world in the use of the most environmentally sustainable plant on Earth.

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