Bamboo Running Species 

A running bamboo is botanically classed as a “monopodial” species. It is usually a temperate zone originator characterised by the development of an open network of horizontal underground stems called rhizomes, from which the new culms grow.

This invasive habit has earned this group the name of “running” bamboo. The picture below displays the rhizome form which gives the bamboos belonging to the monopodial group it’s fantastic yield in commercial farming, and it’s mythical lack of controllability.

“Running” bamboos, needs to be taken care of in cultivation because of their potential for aggressive behavior. They spread mainly through their roots and/or rhizomes, which can spread widely underground and send up new culms to break through the surface. Running bamboo species are highly variable in their tendency to spread; this is related to both the species and the soil and climate conditions. Some can send out runners of several metres a year, while others can stay in the same general area for long periods. If neglected, over time they can cause problems by moving into adjacent areas.

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