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Bamboo Mulching Australia is pure bamboo sourced from fully renewable and sustainable plantations that produce new biomass annually.

Bamboo Australia, established in 1973 pioneered the production and use of bamboo mulch in Australia.

Peerless Bamboo Mulch is sourced from our renewable and sustainable plantations at Belli Park, Queensland. The  bamboo is harvested, chipped and baled on site.

Being free of chemicals, seeds and soil our Peerless Bamboo Mulch is of superior quality to other mulches in the market place, it is favoured by professional landscapers and home gardeners.


Mulch can be collected from the farm and delivery can be arranged around the Sunshine Coast or regional Queensland and northern NSW.

Contact us on (07) 5447 0299 or to email us for further information on delivery and pricing.

Bamboo Mulch

Natural Bamboo Mulch Produced at Belli Bamboo Parkland.
A deposit of $25 is added to the price of a bulker bag. i.e. Cost $245 less $25 on return of bag.

Code Quantity Weight Cover Sq Metres Price
BMB Bulker Bag 1 Cubic Meter 250-300Kg 20 M2 $220.00

Bamboo Charcoal
Natural Bamboo Charcoal produced at Belli Bamboo Parkland from bamboo off cuts.

Code Quantity Price $inc GST
BC 1kg $22


Bamboo Mulching Australia is owned and operated company, a subsidiary of Bamboo Australia Pty Ltd (the owner of Belli Bamboo Parkland which is located at Belli Park in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland). Bamboo chipped from the Belli Park bamboo plantation is the first Australian known producer of commercial quantities of bamboo mulch.

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