Bamboo Water Fountains & Longbows

Water Features & Fountains

There are three types of bamboo fountains created by Chinese craftsmen. A beautifully crafted water feature for your garden, used in landscaping, show gardens, and ponds. And there are two types made here at Bamboo Australia.

Six styles available.

Treated and coated, however was with all external use bamboo we highly recommend re-coating prior to use and again annually.

Internal piping installed. Requires fittings to connect to a water supply or fountain pump. Pumps are not included.

The images show a sample of our water features & fountains.
As bamboo is a natural product the poles we use,
will have colour and internode length variations.
Poles also slightly taper which is more pronounced in longer lengths.
A smaller diameter will have more of taper than that of a larger pole.


As a natural product, bamboo poles can split in a hot low humidity environment.

Poles are not guaranteed against cracking.

Low voltage solar pumps are available from retail outlets or online and from Bamboo Australia details below.

Please note Water Features are made to order please allow 2 week turn around when placing orders.

Quade Stack Water Feature       Triple Stack Water Feature       Barrel Water Feature

      Quad Stack                     Triple Stack                             Barrel


Product Code Height (mm) Pole Diameter Price
Quad Stack BWF-530 535x415x305x225mm 95x70x60x40mm $77
Triple Stack BWF-350 355x250x170mm 70x70x70mm $77
Triple Stack Black BWFB-353 355x250x170mm 70x70x70mm $77
Sozu BWF-300 300mm 75-90mm Spout 40-45mm $77
Barrel BWF-760 760mm Spout 400mm 105x35mm Spout 25mm $77
Feeder Spout BWFS-660 660mm Spout 600mm 50x60mm Spout 24-26mm $55
Solar Pump BWFSP Solar Panel 140 x 130mm Power Cord 3m Long $44


Trible Stack Black    Sozu    Bamboo Water Feature Spout

          Triple Stack Black                                     Sozu                                Feeder Water Spout



Bamboo Longbow Materials Available

We supply different materials for making bows.

Vertical flooring   Lamelles   Poles-Bleached   Bamboo Slats

       Vertical floor boards                    Lamelle ply sheets                        Natural or Bleached Poles         Bamboo Slats 25,30,35,40,50,75mm


DIY Longbow Material options for Bow makers

Round select Moso poles cut to specified length.
Select Moso split strips cut to specified length.
5mm vertical ply lamelles 2440mm Long x 200mm wide.
15mm Vertical flooring Accessories.



Order Information

Prices do not include postage.
We ship Australia wide.
Please contact us for postage costs.

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