This is where we open the can of worms on probably one of the most debated questions relating to bamboo. Australian bamboo nurseries now have a large range of sufficient quantities of running and clumping species to suit all buyers, whether they are collectors, landscapers, farmers, environmentalists or permaculture practitioners.

At the outset you must determine your reason for wanting to grow bamboo and then run through a process of elimination to select a species that is adaptable to your climate, your pocket and give you the result you desire.

Before a species is selected, the end use of the product must be determined. If a grower wants to grow primarily for timber, it is wise to select a species that has minimal branches. The cost of branch removal is a significant post-harvest expense and is best avoided.

When the primary crop is shoot production, it pays to grow the species that will produce shoots that will meet the buyer criteria. It is financially prudent to grow a wide variety of species that can supply a continual shoot harvest over an extended period. Unfortunately this is not always possible due to regional climatic conditions.

Considering the large range of species we stock and 25 years of experience, we can now offer our expertise in selecting a suitable species to suit most buyers requirements be it a back yard screen, broad acre plantation or commercial screening project.

During the years a lot of myths and fallacies have evolved regarding the much maligned running species. Even a lot of the popular garden show hosts and propagators rubbish the runners. These myths are propounded, completely oblivious to the fact that the very species they are denigrating can yield huge volumes of timber poles and edible shoots when professionally managed in the rural environment.