Moso Select TigerPeerless Moso Select bamboo flooring is an extremely dense and hard wearing bamboo floor suitable for domestic or commercial applications. Its stunning style and hardness (harder than Ironbark) is unsurpassed by most timbers.

This product is designed by Bamboo Australia in conjunction with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, this product brings a spectacular effect to you floor.

It is vital to use Combi Foam Underlay 3mm with a moister barrier, and PVA glue for T&G. The product comes with a 10 year structural warranty. Lay the flooring as a floating floor, leave 12 to 15mm gaps near the walls, because bamboo flooring with expand and contract with our climate in Australia.

Available in:

  • Two tone colour
  • 1850 x 96 x 15mm (2.131 M2 per box) (T&G)
  • 1850 x 125 x 14mm (Click Lock) (1.78 M2 per box)

Code Description Sizing
BFG800 PVA Glue 500 ml
Whisper Combi Whisper Acoustic Underlay m2
Combi Combi Foam Underlay (with glue) m2



Technical Info

Plank size: Standard 1850mm x 96mm x 15mm
Click 1850mm x 125mm x 14mm

Box size: .131m2 (standard), 1.78m2 (Click Lock)

Pre-Finish: Stock lines kept in Matt Finish only. Gloss and Semi-Gloss options by indent order. All pre-finish coats are a combination of traditional polyurethane and aluminium oxide to improve surface wear.

Density: 1100 kg/m3

Hardness Comparison:
Janka Test: Kilo Newton
Cypress Pine: 2.5
Tasmanian Oak: 4.9
Jarrah: 8.5
Peerless Moso Select: 14.9

Residual Moisture Content: Less than 10% + – 2%

Extreme Stability:

Changes to form due to changes in:-
Humidity Form: 35% – 65%
Temperature: to 35c. in 4 hours
Length: 0.08% – 0.01%
Width: 1.325 – 0.27%
Depth: 1.63% – 0.23%

Dimensional Stability:

Dimensional change coefficient of 0.00144. (2.5 times more stable than commonly used flooring timbers)

Flame/ Smoke Indices:

Mean distance of flame travel: 350mm

Average Critical Radiant Flux: 6.5 kW/m2

Average smoke obscuration: 31%

(CSIRO – AS ISO 9239)

Pests: Peerless Bamboo products are naturally occurring timber like products and as such can be susceptible to pestilence. Always ensure sound construction practices are used to minimise potential for any infestation.

Installation Methods: Peerless Bamboo Flooring is made from 100% bamboo pressed and machined to exacting standards. These are engineered floor boards and as such preferred mode of installation would be as a Floating Floor System. Traditional installation methods can also be adopted. Refer to local standards.

Maintenance/Care: Peerless Bamboo Flooring is a naturally occurring timber like product and should be maintained as per a traditional timber floor. Day to day use of dust mops or similar is encouraged with damp mop cleaning only when necessary.

Warranty: Peerless Bamboo Flooring proudly carries a 10 year structural warranty.

Hardness: Peerless Moso Select has a density or hardness equal to or greater than Australian Ironbark. Use unreservedly in commercial applications


Peerless Bamboo Flooring: Moso Select Tiger

Code Description Plank size mm M2 ctn Kg ctn
BFMT 823 Moso Tiger Matt 1850x96x15 2.131 35
BFMTWC 823 Moso Tiger Matt (Click Lock) 1850x125x14 1.78 28