Running Species: Acidosa gigantea

Common Name: Indosasa gigantea bamboo

Maximum Height: 8m

Culm Diameter: 50mm

Minimum Temperature: – 5°C

Origin: China


Pot Sizes & Prices

6L – $55
25L – $110

It’s a very spectacular running species. It makes a great forest when the space is available. It grows well along dams, creeks, and in rural areas. It’s good for stopping soil erosion and reinforcing water ways.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Erosion Control,Full Sun
Landslip Control,Full Shade
Dust Suppression,Partial Sun
Dust Capture,Partial Shade
Ornamental,Hot Environments
Shading,Cold Environments
Carbon Sequestration,Suburban Areas
Stock Feed,Rural Areas