Clumping Species: Arundo donax striata

Common Name: Silver striated donax

Maximum Height: 4m

Culm Diameter: 20mm

Minimum Temperature: – 4*C

Origin: Asia & Africa


Pot Sizes & Prices

6L – $28
25L – $44
45L – $88

It’s a strong candidate for use as a renewable biofuel source because of its fast growth rate, ability to grow in different soil types and climatic conditions. A. donax will produce an average of three kilograms of biomass per square metre (25 tons per acre) once established. A. donax also provides some of the most significant below ground carbon sequestration in addition to its above ground up-take due to its rapid growth. Arundo donax can thus provide a superior renewable energy biomass source with added environmental benefits. It has the ability to grow for 20 to 25 years without replanting.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening,Full Sun
Hedging,Partial Sun
Erosion Control,Partial Shade
Landslip Control,Indoors
Dust Suppression, Hot Environments
Dust Capture, Cold Environments
Shading,Beach Front Areas
Carbon Sequestration, Rural Areas – Swamps – Arid Zones