A growers guide written by Durnford Dart, the pioneer of Australian commercial bamboo production.

Although published in 1999 it will still offer an in depth guide to bamboo selection, cultivation, maintenance and utilisation.

An investment for existing and prospective commercial and collector growers.

120 pages – 45 colour pictures.

“Bamboo Architecture & Design”

This volume explores contemporary architecture and design’s resurgent love affair with one of mankind’s original building materials. Light, strong, flexible and incredibly fast-growing, bamboo is a true super-plant and in construction it is becoming a super-material. A comprehensive introduction is supplemented by case studies detailing the most beautiful, creative and inspiring bamboo architectural projects from around the world, accompanied by glossy photographs, plans and descriptive texts.

Eduard Broto 276 colour pages


Bamboo splitters are back in stock.

The 215 mm diameter splitting tool is capable of splitting any lengths from poles in the  range of 25mm  up 160mm diameter.

To produce the widths of splits required, there is a selection of either 4 – 5 – & 6 bladed splitters available.

The width of the split strip will depend on the diameter of the selected pole and the number of blades in the splitter.

The splitters are not designed to be walloped with a hammer, simply align & gentry tap to get the split started. Once started bounce to pole up & down where gravity will do the splitting or pull the handles downwards. For long lengths, mount the splitter in a solid frame and hammer/push/drive the pole through hotizontally.

Be aware that the emerging splits can be as sharp as a razor. We wrap a strong cloth over the splits or use leather gloves for protection.