Clumping Species: Bambusa multiplex

Common Name: Multi bamboo

Maximum Height: 5m

Culm Diameter: 30mm

Minimum Temperature: – 12°C

Origin:  China


Pot Sizes & Prices

6L – $33
25L – $55
45L – $88

Every node has a large number of branches from top to bottom, hence the name Hedge Bamboo. It’s one of the ten or more forms of tightly clumping hedging bamboo. Culms are slender and usually arching. Makes an ornamental screen, windbreak or dust barrier for the urban or rural dweller. The culms can be used in basket weaving or for small garden stakes.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening,Full Sun
Hedging,Partial Sun
Erosion Control – Landslip Control,Partial Shade
Dust Suppression – Dust Capture,Indoors
Ornamental,Hot Environments
Shading,Cold Environments
Live Fence,Cities
Carbon Sequestration, Suburban Areas
Stock Feed, Rural Areas