Running Species: Chimonobambusa quadrangularis

Common Name: Square bamboo

Maximum Height: 5m

Culm Diameter: 30mm

Minimum Temperature: – 12°C

Origin: China


Pot Sizes & Prices:

6L – $44
25L – $88
45L – $110

The attractive large mid-green leaves, darkest in the shade appear in the second year of growth and drape gracefully downward in an umbrella shape from several levels of branches near the top of the culm. The thick-walled culms are unique in that they are flattened on opposite sides to form a rounded corner yet square shape overall when transacted, giving this plant the common name Square Bamboo.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Erosion Control,Full Sun
Landslip Control,Full Shade
Dust Suppression,Partial Sun
Dust Capture,Partial Shade
Shading,Hot Environments
Carbon Sequestration,Cold Environments
Stock Feed, Suburban Areas – Rural Areas