Clumping Species: Guadua paniculata

Common Name: Columbian fine leaf bamboo

Maximum Height:  5m

Culm Diameter: 30mm

Minimum Temperature: – 1°C

Origin: Colombia


Pot Sizes & Prices:

6L – $55
25L – $110

It’s a beautiful fine leaf thorny species, open clumping. Used for screening and ornamental purposes.

For a full description of the versatility of the species in these books “Tropical Bamboos” & “Grow Your Own House” ISBN # 0 8478 1192 1. This publication features just this species and its everyday use.

The long rhizome necked shoots can emerge up to a metre away from the parent culm thus forming an open clump.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Erosion Control,Full Sun
Landslip Control,Partial Sun
Dust Suppression,Partial Shade
Dust Capture, Hot Environments
Shading,Suburban Areas
Carbon Sequestration, Rural Areas
Stock Feed,Swamps