Running Species: Phyllostachys nigra

Common Name: Black bamboo

Maximum Height: 4m

Culm Diameter: 30mm

Minimum Temperature: – 12°C

Origin: China


Post Sizes & Prices

6L – $44
25L – $88
45L – $110
100L – $220

It has glossy black culms that emerge green then blacken off with age. It’s a hardy species tolerating cold weather. It looks very spectacular as a potted species that can be used indoors.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Erosion Control,Full Sun
Landslip Control,Full Shade
Dust Suppression,Partial Sun
Dust Capture,Partial Shade
Stakes,Hot Environments
Shading,Cold Environments
Carbon Sequestration,Cities
Stock Feed, Suburban Areas – Rural Areas