Clumping Species: Schizostachyum sp. Murray Island

Common Name: Murray Island bamboo

Maximum Height:  4m

Culm Diameter: 20mm

Minimum Temperature: – 4°C

Origin: Malaysia


Pot Sizes & Prices:

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From Murray Island in the Torres Straight which separates Australia & Papua New Guinea. This is a native Australian bamboo with straight upright culms and branchless lower sections. It’s tight clumping and it creates a good screen/hedge and can be used in landscaping.

Uses for this bamboo species,Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening – Hedging,Full Sun
Erosion Control,Partial Sun
Landslip Control,Partial Shade
Dust Suppression,Indoors
Dust Capture,Hot Environments
Shading,Suburban Areas
Carbon Sequestration,Rural Areas