Clumping Species: Schizostachyum zollingeri

Common Name: Buluh Telor bamboo

Maximum Height:  5m

Culm Diameter: 30mm

Minimum Temperature: – 2°C

Origin: Borneo


Pot Sizes & Prices:

Pot Price
6L $55
25L $110


It has erect culms when young, later drooping or arching. Internodes are 40cm long. It’s a beautiful species used to produce high quality woven products such as wall panels, flooring, screens mats, lamps, and baskets. It’s a good timber and has edible shoots. It can be used for screening, ornamental and landscaping.


Uses for this bamboo species Environments & areas suitable for this bamboo species
Screening Full Sun
Hedging Partial Sun
Dust Suppression Partial Shade
Dust Capture Indoors
Ornamental Hot Environments
Stakes Cold Environments
Shading Cities
Carbon Sequestration Suburban Areas
Stock Feed Rural Areas